Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SUPERHEROES!!! Everything you need in our Juvenile section

Ever put a blanket around your shoulders and called it a cape? Wrapped a bandana around your head and become a ninja? Pulled a mask over your face and donned a new "secret" identity? Then you will LOVE what our library has to offer! Here is a list of easy books, fiction, and graphic novels, all featuring your favorite SUPERHEROES!!! Don’t forget  to check out the list of DVDs at the bottom!

Click on the titles to see if it is available in our catalog.

Easy books
Batman by Ralph Cosentino
Batman: The Birthday Bash by Percival Muntz
Batman: The Story of Batman by Scott Peterson
Batman: Time Thaw by Jesse Leon McCann
Fantastic Four: The Sea Monster by Brent H. Sudduth
Franklin and the Hero by Paulette Bourgeois
The Hero of Little Street by Gregory Rogers
The Hulk Escapes by Acton Figueroa
The Hulk Rules! By Orli Zuravicky
Hulk vs. Hulk by Mark Shulman
I Am the Hulk by Acton Figueroa
I Could be a Superhero! By Chris Hornsey
Noodle Man: The Pasta Superhero by April Pulley Sayre
Send for a Superhero! by Michael Rosen
Superhero School by Aaron Reynolds

Pictures are great, but maybe you want something a little bit longer? Here are some juvenile fiction books you might like!

Juvenile Fiction
Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford
Catwoman’s Classroom of Claws by Scott Sonnenborn
Green Lantern: Battleof the Blue Lanterns by Michael Vincent Acampora
Green Lantern: High-tech Terror by Michael Anthony Steele
Green Lantern: Beware Our Power by Scott Sonnenborn
Maximum Boy by Dan Greenburg
The X-Men School by Michael Teitelbaum

The graphic novels have got it all! Check out this cool list for more superheroes!

Graphic novels (juvenile only)
The Story of the Incredible Hulk by Michael Teitelbaum
Thor Avenger by Fred Van Lente
United They Stand (Justice League) by Adam Beechen

If you aren’t a big reader, there are different ways to enjoy superheroes—like making cookies that look like Superman or learning how to draw Green Lantern. Maybe you want to learn what goes on behind the scenes. Our non-fiction section will help you do it!

Juvenile Non-fiction
How to Draw Comic Heroes by Aaron Sautter
How to Draw Superheroes by Jimmy Hansen
How to Draw Warriors by Steve Beaumont
The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook by Matthew Mead

Still not enough? Click on the links below to find more on your favorite superheroes!

Avengers! (Easy books)
Fantastic Four (graphic novels)
Power Rangers (DVD's) 
Super heroes (juv fic)

And…of course…DVDs! These animated movies or series are all located in the juvenile section of our library.

DC Comics Superheroes (the filmation adventures) vol 1
DC Comics Superheroes (the filmation adventures) vol 2